Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Pictures!

I am getting 4 computers!!!!!! So I have 2 tables waiting for them. Not sure when they are going to come along but still exciting.

I have 4 crates to put student binders.
 Each student has a binder specifically for their needs and their goals. 
There is a folder in each binder where students put their  unfinished work.

Each tab has worksheets tailored to their goals and other life skills they could work on independently or with some help during free time.

The binders are a work in progress. I will up date as I work on them.

 Here are some views of my classroom this year. I have tables instead of desk! I am super excited to see how this year goes.


  1. Your class room looks very neat and clean. Convenient to carry out the activities there.

  2. Really I see a striking difference between the style of a classroom setting in my country with classrooms in your country. Actually classroom in my country comfortable too, but your classroom make me very interested.