Thursday, April 11, 2013

Classroom Assistance Program

I have always loved the different buddy programs I've seen and read about. At my school I am working with Student Services in creating this program called CAP (Classroom Assistance Program). This program is really cool because  it seeks to pair at-risk students with students in her class as a means of providing an alternative behavior intervention for our at-risk students. Both the at-risk & the students in my class benefit from the pairings. My class is an special day class so they are with me the entire day except for their elective period. I am able to give my students the opportunity to socialize with students in the gen ed population. Usually when the at-rist student comes into my class, they do some academic work with one of my students. When they finish, I will have the students play a game to encourage socialization. I have only worked on this program for 3 weeks, so its very new. 

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I hope it continue to go well.

    The students in our special ed program go to PE with regular ed students who have volunteered to be tutors. It's a really cool program!

    I'm your first follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed