About Me

Hi everyone!
My name is Jamie Peralta. I am the Moderately Developmentally Delayed (MDD) high school special ed teacher for 9th-12th graders. This is an amazing class. This is my 2nd year teaching this type of program, but only my 1st year teaching at this school district. There are 14 students in my class and 3 aides. I teach a wide variety of disabilities. My students fall in the mild/moderately developmentally delayed  range. This is a special program where I teach these students valuable life skills they can apply once they age out of schooling. We take field trips around the community to learn what is available and how to act in specific situations. I really love my job. There is so much flexibility and creativity I have with this job.

Outside of work I have a boyfriend who I love. His name is Steve and he is currently finishing schooling for Computer Information Systems. We knew each other back in 9th grade and argued non stop about pokemon. 12 years later we reconnected and its been amazing. I also have a younger brother named Alex and a younger sister named Liz. Finally I have my 5 month cockapoo and her name is Sophi Doodle.

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