Monday, February 24, 2014

Hi everyone! I need some suggestions.
I teach a work skills class during my 5th period. Its with 11th and 12th  graders in my MDD program. The idea is to teach them life and work skills they could use in the real world once they complete their education.

My idea that I would like to implement here is a way apply the skills and learn new skills by helping the other teachers here in the high school.
This is what I have so far:

Dear Teachers,
In my 5th period class, I am currently teaching my 11th and 12th grade students work skills. I would like my students to have as much real world work as practice. Because of this I decided to offer their help to you.

If there is work that you need to be done, like stapling papers or sorting papers, please email me or fill out the form attached and I will have my students complete it during my 5th period class.

Things to remember:
·         We do go on fieldtrip during 5th and 6th period so it may take a couple of days to complete. Because of this please date when you would like the work complete.
·         An adult (either one of my aides or myself) will always help them so that it is done correctly.
·         If it is something you would like done in your classroom during 5th period, it will always be 1 or 2 student plus an instructional aide.
·         If it is something you would like us to complete in my classroom, just let me know and I will send students to pick up the work.

Ideas of work we could help you with:
·         Stapling papers
·         Sorting papers
·         Stuffing envelopes
·         Cleaning rooms (tables, desk, white boards)
·         Cutting papers
·         Breaking down boxes

·          If any of you fellow teachers have any other ideas, please let me know. I can't think of anything else my students could help with. Also what do you think of my idea and letter? I would really love some feed back.