Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finally a new post! Home made planner! Super HAPPY!

Hi Everyone! Things have been so nuts here in school. I've been meaning to put a new blog for months. Hopefully I can start doing it more regularly.

So I have been working like crazy trying to find the perfect way to make a planner that works for me and my type of class. I tried the type you buy at a store but they either didn't have enough room or had too many spaces. Anyways I ran into this brilliant idea about a post it lesson planer by the Wise & Whitty Teacher blog. Click here to where she talks about her lesson planer.
It didn't exactly work for what I needed but I just modified it to my needs.
First instead of a spiral notebook I used a binder I had lying around.

First I used a binder I had lying around instead of a spiral notebook. I put 2 whole post -its and the third is cut. Then I outline it all in black. Finally I place them in sheet protectors.

I originally used whole post its but I divided them in half. I teach 5 classes. The bottom portion is for notes, things happening that day, or things I need to do that day.

Then as things happen and my plans must change almost daily, I simple move a post it. Because each post-it has 2 subjects, I need to cut them in half. The half that doesn't have the sticky side is just taped on. Its still easy to move again if needed.

Well that's it for now. I'm really excited about this lesson planner.