Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Pictures!

I am getting 4 computers!!!!!! So I have 2 tables waiting for them. Not sure when they are going to come along but still exciting.

I have 4 crates to put student binders.
 Each student has a binder specifically for their needs and their goals. 
There is a folder in each binder where students put their  unfinished work.

Each tab has worksheets tailored to their goals and other life skills they could work on independently or with some help during free time.

The binders are a work in progress. I will up date as I work on them.

 Here are some views of my classroom this year. I have tables instead of desk! I am super excited to see how this year goes.
Some things stayed the same...

my calendar                   

my class rules (new rules but old set up)

my What's Happening This Week wall

Some things have gotten refined....

 I finished my DIY paper boxes.
My guide t o answering the phone . (I'm not sure who I got the idea from. I bought one example from teachers pay teachers and then made a new one based on the one I bought..) Refined by turn in bins  

 A lot more jobs for my students

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another school year!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't up dated in a while. Things have been crazy. Three of my students graduated from high school. Then I taught summer school for the MDD program. I had most of my usual students PLUS a incoming 9th grader AND 3 students who are profoundly deaf. The DHH teacher for summer school got sick the second day of summer school and ended up in the hospital. She is okay but that mean they had no place for the 6 students in the DHH program. I ended up with the 3 lower level students and another coworker received the 3 higher level students. The cool thing was I learned more sign language. In total I had 17 students and 7 aides in my class. It was completely crazy.

Now is the start of a new school year. Our MDD program has expanded. There are now 2 MDD teachers and 22 students with 7 instructional aides. The other teacher and I split the classes by ability. I teacher the lower levels and she teaches the higher levels.
My schedule is as followed:
Period 1: Math
Period 2: Reading
Period 3 Life Management
Period 4 Prep period
Period 5 Life Skills
Period 6 Writing

One of the crazy things is that the DHH teacher here only has 2 students for 1st period. Everyone thought it would be a good idea for them to interact with other students, so they put them in my class with the DHH teacher and a DHH instructional aide. Those 2 students were 2 of the 3 that I taught in summer school. LOL! Who would have guessed?

It has been 2 weeks since school has started. I will post as life happens.

On top of everything else that is happening, I have 3 weddings I am attending, 2 of them which I am the wedding coordinator for. I will post pictures hopefully tomorrow.